About Elran

We believe in offering consumers products of extremely high quality that meet their expectations and are tailor-made for today’s lifestyle.

Elran designs comfortable, timeless products that reflect the very latest trends in comfort and lifestyle features.

Constantly evolving and at the leading edge of technological innovation, Elran continues to fine-tune its reclining mechanisms and offer a terrific range of flexible styles and options.

Motion furniture has changed a great deal over the years. Today, recliners fit right in with the way we define comfort and lifestyle.


Elran is a manufacturer of upholstered recliners and stationary furniture, located on the island of Montreal.

Our wide range of products are custom made for the consumer. We offer a range of styles and configurations all of which are available in a variety of fabrics, leathers, leather/vinyl combinations and options such as power recliners.

Our gravity fed, reclining mechanism, was developed by Legget and Platt, a leader in mechanism design. We use a superior, construction grade, spruce plywood which doesn’t warp or crack and high density, pre-crushed foam for consistency, endurance and comfort.

Our 235,000 sq.ft plant is highly automated and efficient thanks to a cellular manufacturing process and just-in-time production system.

With our skilled sewing & upholstery specialists, we are able to offer the highest quality of goods. No wonder even the most demanding consumers have trusted Elran for decades.

  • Founded in 1967

    Irving Lubin founded Elran, the first Canadian company to specialize in reclining furniture.

  • Depuis 1967

    Fondée en 1967 par M. Irving Lubin, Elran a été la première entreprise canadienne à se spécialiser dans le mobilier inclinable.

  • A family business

    Today, Elran is a third generation family business lead and managed by Eric Abécassis.

  • Une entreprise familiale

    Cette entreprise familiale est aujourd’hui passé aux mains de la troisième génération, répresentée par Eric Abécassis.

  • 1980: A turning point

    Until 1979, Elran exclusively manufactured only one product: the reclining chair. 1980 marked a very important year for Elran, becoming the first company to introduce reclining loveseats and sofas to the market.

  • Un tournant en 1980

    Jusqu’en 1979, Elran ne fabriquait qu’un seul type de produit : le fauteuil inclinable. L’année 1980 a marqué un tournant dans l’histoire de l’entreprise, qui a été la première à lancer sur le marché des causeuses et des canapés inclinables.

  • The leader

    Today, Elran is the industry-leader offering a complete range of reclining chairs, loveseats, sofas and many other furniture components and options.

  • Un chef de file

    La société Elran, qui fait aujourd’hui partie des chefs de file de son domaine, propose une gamme complète de fauteuils, de causeuses et de canapés inclinables ainsi qu’une multitude d’autres options.

  • A world of style and choice

    With over 150 collections, our traditional, transitional and contemporary styles are available in more than 550 fabrics and leathers.

  • Tous styles confondus

    Nous offrons près de 150 collections de tous les styles – traditionnel, transitionnel et contemporain – dans plus de 550 types de tissus et de cuirs.

  • A local company with global reach

    The 235,000 sq.ft. Elran manufacturing plant is located in Montreal, and employs more than 500 people.

  • Une entreprise d’ici

    Située sur l’île de Montréal, l’usine d’Elran occupe une superficie de 235 000 pieds carrés et emploie plus de 500 travailleurs.

  • Un processus unique

    L’usinage est rapide et hautement automatisé grâce à un système de fabrication cellulaire et à la méthode de production juste-à-temps.

  • A unique process

    The plant is highly automated and efficient because of a cellular manufacturing process and a just-in-time production system.

  • Des normes rigoureuses

    Chaque étape du processus de production, de la conception à l’assemblage final en passant par le test du prototype, est soigneusement vérifiée pour assurer le respect de normes de contrôle de la qualité rigoureuses.

  • Rigorous standards

    From design, to prototype testing, and to final assembly each step of the production process has a meticulous step-by-step verification system that maintains our rigorous quality control standards.

  • A worldwide success

    Elran products are distributed across Canada and the United states, in Europe and the middle East. This firmly establishes the company as one of Canada’s top furniture exporters. Our exceptional world-wide reputation is not only due to our high quality products, but also to fast, custom delivery, reliable after-sales service and the close attention we pay to the ever changing needs of the marketplace.

  • Un succès mondial

    Les produits d’Elran sont distribués au Canada et exportés aux États-Unis, en Europe et au Moyen-Orient. L’entreprise doit sa notoriété non seulement à la qualité de ses produits, mais aussi à ses courts délais de livraison, à la fiabilité de son service après-vente et à son adaptation constante à l’évolution du marché.